Terrance Anderson
Dr. Curry
Edu. Tech. Sec. LB 501
January 16, 2008
Educational technology is some type of technology that can be used to help students learn easier and be more productive in the classroom. Some student can not just go to class and learn and be productive. When a professor is talking, most of the time students just are in space thinking about something else that they can be doing with their time at that point of time. I am not saying that the students do not try to listen, but it is not the most attractive nor entertaining thing for anyone. When it comes to technology, learning can become a whole lot more interesting and fun at the same time. With the advancement of our technology, students could go online and learn about a topic and get to do something that will keep them attentive at the same time.
Professor could do different things in their classrooms to help out the performance of their students by adding new additions of educational technology to their classrooms. For example, one thing that I would do is have all my students use the internet to take my class. This way students and professors will not have to see each other everyday and they could work on their work at their own time. Another thing that this university has added is the use of clickers. I feel that these are benefited from that students because instead of taking exams and having to go through the trouble of filling out the information needed for a scantron and bubbling in the circles, all students have to do is press a button with the answer of their choice. The clickers have also been used for assignments instead of having to use paper all the time. These are just two types of educational technology that I would use that I think will keep students more attentive in the classroom.